Isn't it puzzling how there seem to be so many different causes of major unhappiness in the world?  Here is one way to depuzzle it.

The problem:  Social Unrest.  Too many people do things to others that they would obviously object to if roles were truly and fully reversed.  They (and those who support or enable them) are the main source of avoidable unhappiness and consequently, the root cause of almost every major public protest.  They can even make natural disasters worse!

One possible solution:  Such people are not civilized enough to be worthy of the benefits of a cooperative society so let's name them and shame them with a new root word!  It could unite most protests into a single powerful movement by showing how they have the same fundamental cause: someone breaking The Golden Rule in a big, obvious, and deliberate way.

The proposed new root word, RYR, could make the world a happier place if and only if enough of us adopt it into our everyday vocabulary.  It's time for humanity to take the next step on the path toward self-civilization.  After all, we're all no more distant than distant cousins.

RYR (alternative spelling RIAR)
  1. verb:   To decide NOT to do to others anything you'd complain about if it were done to you.  Example sentence:  Truly civilized people never need to be told to RYR.
  2. imperative verb:   Stop doing to others what you'd protest if you exchanged roles with those harmed by your own decision.  Example sentenceImagine the power of crowds roaring "RYR, RYR, RYR" and one-word RYR signs making the perfect demand at almost every protest demonstration.
  3. noun:  A decision, action, or thing that does NOT harm or threaten others to a degree that those responsible would obviously protest if roles were reversed.  Example sentence: The daily news makes me say "That ain't a RYR" over and over.

Without a word like RYR, too many people seem to neglect The Golden Rule when making decisions affecting others.  Unfortunately, to prove that could require mind reading, but when unGoldenRuleyness becomes egregious enough to drive people to protest, that RYRish public protest becomes the proof of incivility (particularly upon the second protest).

RYR neither asks too much nor too little.
RYRism may eventually avert future protests if demonstrations teach the-makers-of-big-decisions to preemptively RYR.
Wouldn't that be great?
Wouldn't it also be great to know that you could almost always figure out any RYRish candidate's position on almost any issue?
Remember your first reaction to this idea because, someday, it may be hard to imagine how much unRYRness had ever been tolerated.
Words are that important for thinking itself.

For an enjoyable way to learn how important words are for the process of thinking, please listen to this excellent ~17 minute excerpt from the National Science Foundation sponsored National Public Radio show called Radiolab entitled:  WORDS
The entire 1 hour show is downloadable from:       https://www.wnycstudios.org/podcasts/radiolab/episodes/91725-words

As you listen, please keep this question in mind:
Can a "think-word" like RYR help with ballot-box questions just as other "think-words" seem to help with that story's toy-box question?
Near the end, the opening story from the 1 hour version is revisited to relate how differently one deaf adult perceived his own thinking had been back when growing up without language.  "That was the Dark Time in his life.  Learning language, it's like the lights went on." 
Could enriching our vocabulary enlighten our own rather Dark Time?
Perhaps everyone may someday "think differently" thanks to RYRism.
That's the way teaching and using the word RYR or RIAR might be the easiest way for you to make the world a happier place.

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