Words are
tools our brains use for
thinking and perceiving
(not just communicating)

Every decent civilization really ought to have a word for the routine step of civilized decision-making of carrying out "The Golden Rule".

Why don't we?

A partial list of proposed words and definitions related to the act of carrying out "The Golden Rule":

As root words, the above can be creatively combined with many of the usual prefixes and suffixes to give your brain a rich set of tools for thinking, perceiving, and communicating.  
If you have any ideas for any other similarly important words related to The Golden Rule's concept, please email riarish_at_protonmail.com (and you might even win a Mobi Trophi!)

The National Science Foundation sponsored National Public Radio Show Radiolab created these 2 excellent segments highlighting how critical words are to thinking and perceiving:

Without an action word for the act of applying "The Golden Rule", will we remain blind to its violators somewhat like the Himba people in the above clip seem blind to the color blue?

After listening, ask yourself whether team-humanity has been bad at ballot-box questions in a similar way as the people who lacked "think-words" were at the toy-box question.