MOBI TROPHI Nomination Instructions

To nominate yourself or someone else for a MOBI TROPHY, just send an email to (just fix the "_AT_").

Please supply as much of the following information as you can (it's OK if you don't have all this info):
  1. A short description of what you think is worthy of a MOBI TROPHY.
  2. Contact info (unless already provided with item 1):
    1. email address (in case we have questions).
    2. Postal address (no PO boxes please) for where to send the award.
    3. Default: Contact Information or Personally identifiable information will not be posted or shared (even with philanthropists wishing to send monetary awards) without explicit permission.

Here's a list of ideas for actions that have or could still result in a Mobi Trophy.

Email your nomination to (just fix the "_AT_") today!